Rough Seas From Delila

July 22nd – July 28th 2007

Weather: This past week we started out with flat and very calm seas but on Tuesday (the 24th) we saw the seas go from very peaceful and pleasant to angry and rough within a day. All this was due our first tropical storm of the year named Delila. Delila gave us strong winds, with rough seas and even caused the closing of the harbor in Cabo on Wednesday. As we woke up Friday the winds were gone, the seas were back to being calm and Delila was not causing us any more trouble.

Air temperatures: Low 77 High 99

Water temperatures: Low 73 High 86

Baja, Mexico Beach Fishing Report: Beach fishing early in the week was for the most part impossible as Delila gave us the strong winds. My client and I Mike Bennett from Southern California have spent the last two days on the beach and we have had great action. Mike and I have seen a number of good sized Roosterfish that are schooled up and over the past two days have aggressively chased the teaser in giving mike multiple shots ant good sized fish. Yesterday (Friday the 27th) mike hooked and landed two very respectable Roosterfish that crashed the teaser all the way to the beach. Mike and I have also seen a good number of Roosterfish between twenty and thirty pounds with the occasional that falls in the class of “Muy Grande”. Mike also caught a very nice Jack this morning as well. Mike and I have walked many miles over the past two days and if you put your time in you will get shots. Over all what I have seen in the last two days the beach fishing is picking up nicely. The question is will it continue.

Baja, Mexico Inshore Fishing Report: Once again this past week most of the fleet went out side and not much was reported inshore.

Baja, Mexico Offshore Fishing Report: The Marlin fishing continues to improve with more fish coming into the teasers. Most of the action for Marlin this past week was between La Ribera and the lighthouse with the fish being found anywhere from three to ten miles off shore. We did see a few more Blue Marlin this past week and a few Sailfish mixed in as well. The Tuna fishing was difficult this past week. The winds caused by Delila made it very difficult to find the schools of Porpoise and thus find the tuna. We continue to have a few bigger Dorado in the area. Most of these Dorado have been weighing between fifteen and forty pounds.

Hot July Sun & Marlin

July 15th – July 21st 2007

Morning SunriseHigh-light of the Week: A beautiful July morning here in Baja.

Weather: Each day this past week we woke up to flat calm seas and beautiful temperatures. As those mornings slipped into afternoons we saw some wind from the South that caused a few small white caps. Everyone this past week did not seem to mind the breeze as it helped to keep all of us from feeling the high temperatures and humidity that comes with being here in Baja during mid July.

Air temperatures: Low 76 High 89

Water temperatures: Low 75 High 88

Baja, Mexico Beach Fishing Report: Beach fishing this past week was slower than some of the action we have seen in weeks past. We have a few small schools of sardine in the area but most of the bait along our beaches remains mullet and ballyhoo. The fishing along the beach this past week seemed to be best in the area just South of La Ribera. This is where we encountered a few small roosters and jacks chasing the sardines. If it was bigger fish you were after you needed to put in some miles and walk. If you were willing to put in a few miles under the hot sun with your line ready to cast looking among the scattered mullet you would eventually see the dark unmistakable shapes of bigger roosterfish and jacks cruising thru the water. Although we did not see the numbers of these fish we have seen in previous weeks we have enough in the area that if you are willing to put in the effort and bare the sizzling sun and hot sand you got some good shots.

Baja, Mexico Inshore Fishing Report: This past week inshore fishing was quiet as most of the fleet went offshore.

Baja, Mexico Offshore Fishing Report: This week the offshore action consisted mainly of football sized yellow fin tuna and marlin with the occasional dorado mixed in. We had many schools of porpoise in the area this past week and most of those schools held good numbers of tuna. Once again this past week it helped if you were one of the first boats to find a school of porpoise. If you did you were immediately into fish. If you were a little late in getting to the party you still had a very good chance at getting some nice tuna. Most of the tuna this past week seemed to be chasing flying fish. A blue and white deceiver seemed to do the trick for us. We also did well on pink and white flies as we have a few squid in the area as well.The marlin fishing this past week picked up considerably compared to what we have seen the past couple of weeks. We saw a lot more fish coming into the teasers this past week and on occasion we even saw two or three come to the teasers at the same time. The marlin are scattered throughout the bay at the moment. Some of the best action we saw this past week was very close to shore between Punta Colorado and La Ribera. We found good numbers of marlin and a few dorado in this area from one to four miles off shore.

Scattered Dorado & Yellow Fin Tuna

May 13th – May 19th 2007

Beautiful time in Baja.High-light of the Week: It is beautiful time to be here in Baja.

Weather: This past week we once again saw great weather. A few of the mornings this week we started out with some fog in the area giving us a slight breeze at times but by ten in the morning it was all burned off giving us flat calm seas and plenty of sunshine.
Air temperatures: Low 65 High 89

Water temperatures: Low 68 High 78

Beach Fishing Report: This past week the beach fishing was full of shots for my guest Eric Burnett. Eric and I spent one of the three days he fished with me on the beach. Eric and I covered a lot of beach and got a fair number of shots at some good roosters and jacks. The fish seem to be spread out all over our beaches and are by no means concentrated in a certain area. Most of the fish are chasing mullet because the sardines in the area have disappeared. The bait pangas are finding none in the area although I did hear of a few being caught today down South. Once again this week if you are willing to get out and put some time in and walk our beaches you will get some shots. I want to say do not expect to have the beaches to yourself as we are seeing more and more people carrying fly rods sprinting up and down our beaches chasing fish. I counted fourteen fly fisherman fishing from the light house to Punta Colorado and another seven from La Ribera North and this is just one day this past week. Through out most of this week it was very hard to find a spot to fish a beach where you did not feel you were intruding on someone else’s space or they were not intruding on yours.

Inshore Fishing Report: This past week the inshore fishing was difficult for us that were trying to fly fish because the lack of sardines for chum. We still have fish around but without the sardines for chum we had to use the mackerel and mullet that are available and use them as teaser baits to get some of the big jacks and roosters in the area up so we could cast flies to them. Some of the boats from the hotel this week caught some very nice pompano, jacks, roosters, cabrilla, pargo and a few other species using bait.

Offshore Fishing Report: This past week the action for the yellow fin tuna was scattered at best. We are still seeing schools of porpoise anywhere from twelve to fifty six miles out. Some of these schools are holding yellow fin and it seemed to be sort of a hit and miss week for the yellow fin but if you found them and they were willing to bite some very nice fish up to forty pounds were a possibility. We have scattered marlin throughout the bay and again some boats are finding some that want to eat and others seem to have lock jaw. The dorado fishing remains scattered as well with mostly single fish being caught unless you were lucky enough to find some sort of trash in the water and if you were lucky multiple fish may have been found.