Despite weather Az. Fly Fishing trip is good

On Thursday August 16th my group from Arizona Fly Fishing located in Tempe Arizona headed up by John Rohmer with eight others in tow arrived here in Baja to fish with me for three days. The group had a very good day their first day (the 17th) with everyone in the group catching pleanty of small to medium Rooster fish and a few Tuna and Bonita to round out the day. On day two we woke up to some big swells and a south wind that gave us some white caps. Although the fishing was not what it was the first day because of the weather everyone in the group caught fish. Once again Rooster fish and Tuna were the focus of the group. The last day the group encountered less wind but some early morning rain and some big swells. Some with in the group debated on if they wanted to fish or not but with in ten munites or so we were in the pangas headed out to fish rain and all. Early in the morning the group got into a very good tuna bite and was back at the hotel by noon. I would like to say thank you to all involved with this group it was my pleasure to have you and I look forward to seeing you next year.

Great fishing continues

Week of  August 4th  August 12th – 2007

Written by  Jeff deBrown
Owner / Guide

Weather  The weather this past week remained hot. It is not as hot here in Baja as some parts in the United States but it remains Very warm here in Baja. Early mornings are pleasant with the temperatures warming up quickly once the sun gets above the horizon. This past week we had very flat and calm seas.

Air temperatures: Low 75 High 96

Water temperatures: 77 to 87

Humidity  38%

Beach Fishing Report: Beach fishing this past week remained good for smaller Rooster fish and a few Jack Crevelle mixed in. I fished the beach today (8/11/07) with my Guest Tyler Forman and his son Nate and Nate’s friend Dillion. These guy’s are from Colorado and used to trout. I was able to tease in a few smaller Rooster fish for them to cast to they were amazed at the speed of the fish in the salt water. Nate described them as little Houdini’s. Now you see them now you don’t. Overall the beach fishing is good for Rooster’s in the five pound class with a few shots at some very big Rooster’s.

Inshore Fishing Report: This past week the inshore fishing remained excellent for many species. This is due to the bait pangas providing good numbers of sardine for chum. These species included Rooster fish, Green Jacks, Pompano, Lady fish, along with a few other species mixed in.

Offshore Fishing Report: Once again this past week the fishing offshore remained strong. We have a good population of bill fish in the area along with some good action for Yellow fin Tuna and Dorado. This past week we found a good number of schooling Dorado off of Punta Pescadero. Most of the bigger Dorado we got shots at this past week we found as they came into the teasers we were trolling for Marlin.

The Elusive Sardina Return

July 29th – August 3rd – 2007

Bob’s first MarlinHighlight of the week: Bobby Fisher with his first Stripe Marlin.

The weather this past week was typical of what you would expect here in Baja at the end of July going into the first week of August. In a word hot. We had lots of sunshine with very few clouds and a moderate amount of humidity. If you forgot to put on your sunscreen this past week you were in trouble. The seas this past week were flat most of the week although we did see a slight breeze on Monday the 30th that gave us a very slight chop. On Tuesday we were back to flat seas still conditions that continued throughout the end of the week.

Air temperatures: Low 78 High 97

Water temperatures: 79 to 86

Humidity  38%

Beach Fishing Report: Beach fishing this past week improved. If you got out and walked along the beach you had a very good chance to hook some Rooster fish and Jack Crevalle in the five to ten pound class. After the past several weeks of guiding my guests on the beach I had a chance (yesterday, August 2nd) to get out and fish on the beach for my self and I found enough Rooster fish and Jacks in that five to ten pound class to keep me running up and down the beach all day long. I ended up hooking three Rooster fish and one Jack but only got one Rooster fish and the Jack landed. I did also see a fair number of bigger fish during the day. I got a hand full to turn and chase the fly but unfortunately no takers on these bigger fish. At this point is looks like for those who are willing to stand under the hot August sun and put in they will be rewarded.

Inshore Fishing Report: This past week the elusive Sardina made their return. So far this year we have had a hard time with the Sardina. Early in the season the bait pangas had plenty to sell and then just as the season was getting into high gear the Sardina disappeared. This week they made their return. With the Sardina for chum my gusts and I had some excellent fishing for Rooster fish. Mike Bennett and I spent a day just chasing rooster fish and from the first handful of chum thrown we had Rooster fish around the boat all day. Mike hooked and landed over ten Rooster fish all between five and ten pounds. I also had great day fishing for Rooster fish with my guests Bobby and Tobie Fisher from Conner Montana. Once again the fishing for Rooster fish was excellent leaving Bobby and Tobie with smiles on their faces.

Rooster fish were not the only inshore action this past week. We had some excellent Dorado and Yellow fin Tuna action this past week just off Punta Pescadero and with the Sardina for chum we were able to hold the fish around the boat and cast flies to them. We also saw some good Dorado action in the area of Buenavista.

Offshore Fishing Report: The fishing offshore remains strong. This past week we saw good fishing for Stripe Marlin and bigger Dorado with a few Sailfish and Blue Marlin mixed in. The Marlin are scattered throughout the bay. I had an excellent day fishing with Bobby and Tobie (mentioned above) fishing for Marlin between the lighthouse and Cabo Pulmo where they each got their first Marlin. We also continue to see some Tuna in the area as well.