Sail’s and Tuna for everyone!!

First Sail

The above picture is of Clyde Wilber from Fairfax, Va. with his first ever sailfish.

Week of – October 14th – 21st 2007

Written by – Jeff deBrown

Water Temp. 76 – 85

Air Temp. 77 – 90

The great fishing we have experienced this fall is still going. This past week we did see some heavy North winds for two days during the middle of the week but by the weekend the winds had passed the action picked back up and continued to be strong with flags for Tuna and Sailfish decorating the boats.

The beach fishing this week was a decent for some small Rooster fish and even a few Sierra. That’s right we have a few Sierra starting to show in the area. They are in close gobbling up all the Sardina we have in the area. For those planning on hitting the beach remember to bring your wire.

We continue to see excellent fishing for Sailfish and Yellow fin Tuna. I spent Saturday 10/20/07 on the water with Clyde Wilber form Fairfax, Va. and we had a day to remember. Clyde hooked and landed twenty Yellow fin on the fly along with one Dorado before lunch. After the Tuna Clyde and I went out to see if we could find some of the great Sail fish fishing that we are experiencing and we did not have the teasers in the water for more than ten minutes and Clyde was pulling on a Sailfish.

The fishing for Tuna and Sailfish continue to be hot as the Dorado fishing slowed down this week. We still have some Dorado in the area and if you find some structure in the water you should be rewarded with a few Mahi.

October remains hot…and not just the weather

Week of – October 7th – 14th 2007

Written by – Jeff deBrown

October remains hot and it is not just the weather. We started out the week experiencing the first North wind of the season that caused some very rough and uncomfortable conditions but by mid week the winds were over and we were back to flat calm seas and some very good fishing.

Along the beach we are still experiencing good amounts of bait fish making for some excellent fall fly fishing from the beach. Once again this past week one of the hot spots for fishing the beach was in the area of the Las Quevas arroyo. This area is where most of the bait pangas are making their bait in the morning to sell to the boats going offshore. I would suggest using any sort of bait fish pattern from a deceiver to an Alf.  I would suggest using flies that contain a modest amount of flash with the color combinations of brown and white along with olive and blue and white. These color combinations will be a good representation of the bait fish you are trying to match. We continue to see decent action for smaller Rooster fish along with a few Jacks and Lady fish mixed in. I have heard of a few bigger Rooster fish being seen as well.

Inshore this past week was slow due to a combination of the North wind we experienced early in the week along with the exceptional offshore fishing that we continue to see.

Offshore we continue to see great fly fishing for many species. The best and most consistent fishing we had this past week was for some very nice Tuna and skip jack. This action has been scattered from in front of La Ribera to Cabo Pulmo. Some of the fish have been on the larger size with some of the Tuna pushing eighty pounds. My guest Brad Gates from Quantico, Va. and I had a wonderful day together as Brad had his fly rod bent from the first handful of chum that was thrown until he cried mercy because his arms were tired from pulling on fish. We also have a good number of larger Tuna under porpoise that have been in the area. Most of these porpoise this past week were located off the light house out between twelve and twenty miles.

We continued to see some decent Dorado fishing this past week. We are not seeing the huge schools of Dorado that we were seeing a couple of weeks ago but we are still seeing enough fish that the fly fisherman can target them specifically if they wish.

The bill fish action remains very strong with plenty of Stripe Marlin and Sail fish in the area to cast flies to. Most of the boats are raising between two and five fish a day with some boats reporting raising over ten fish a day. I have even heard of a couple of nice Black Marlin being caught this past week.

Air Temperatures – 71 – 96

Water Temperatures – 77-85

Humidity – 73%