Inshore is a mixed bag

Baja Mexico fly fishing report for the week of January 13th – 18th 2007p1010168.JPG

Written by – Jeff deBrown
The Reel Baja

This past week here in the East Cape the North winds finally gave us a break. For most of the week the water was nice and flat due to the lack of wind. We did see a little breeze kick up late in the afternoon one or two days but over all it was very nice. We also had lot’s of sun shine this past week warming up the area and getting a few of us locals out to enjoy the nice weather.

East Cape – Beach /Inshore – With the wind god’s giving us a nice break this past week the beach and inshore fishing was quite good. I was out on Wednesday fishing the beach enjoying the sunshine and I found a few different species giving me a mixed bag by the end of the day. I started on the beach just South of Rancho Leonero and I found a nice bite that consisted mostly of Lady fish. I had a few nice strong bites that broke me off so I decided to put on some wire thinking that Sierra were to blame for these hits and in fact that was the case. I did not catch as many lady fish due to the wire but I did manage to get a couple of very nice Sierra with a few others getting away.

Next I decided to drive a little further South and the next beach I decided to fish I found a few more Lady fish but I also found a few small jack crevelle that pulled hard. I continued to work on foot to the South getting a few bites but no solid hook- ups. After a few more misses I finally got one to stick and it was a nice little Rooster fish. The Rooster was not big maybe two pounds but any Rooster fish is a good Rooster fish. I continued to fish in this area for another hour or so and all said and done I got another four small Rooster’s to hand.

My friend Nick also was out fishing on Wednesday. Nick was fishing off of Leonero but he was in a kayak. Nick found some nice action for Lady fish as well as some excellent action on a school of Sierra that I could not reach from the beach. Nick also found a few small Pargo fishing squid down in the rocks in front of the hotel.

This past week the inshore / beach fishing was great as the North winds gave us a nice opportunity to enjoy some mid January fishing. We will have to wait and see what the wind has in store for us this next week.

East Cape – Off shore – With the nice weather we had this past week I know of a few locals that went out to see what they could find. They said that they saw a few marlin off of Punta Pescadero but could not get them interested in the lures they were trolling. They said they caught a few Bonita and some other bottom fish on hardware. I did also hear of a few Tuna down in the are of Cabo Pulmo.

I will be returning to Cabo this up coming week to fish with some of my return guests. I hear that the marlin fishing is still going and I will be sure to post a full report and let everyone know the latest and up to date. Until next time. Tight lines.

Wind on one side – Marlin on the other

Baja fly fishing report for the week of January 5th – 12th 2008.

Written by – Jeff deBrown
The Reel Baja


The above photo is of angler Jeff Croy and guide Jeff deBrown from The Reel Baja with Croy’s first marlin ever on a fly. Croy caught the marlin while fishing with The Reel Baja in Cabo San Lucas Mexico.

East Cape – This past week here on the East Cape we continue to see the strong North winds that are common this time of year. The winds continue their typical trend of laying down each evening and staying fairly calm over night but continue to build during the early morning hours and by late morning they are back to full force. This gives anglers a very small window of opportunity to get out and fish the area.

Beach / Inshore – East cape – If you are willing to get up early and beat the wind we have some excellent fishing for Sierra. We are seeing some great action inshore as well as along our beaches for some very nice Sierra along with a few small Rooster fish and small to medium sized Jack Crevelle mixed in. We continue to see some decent action for lady fish but it has slowed down from what it was a couple of weeks ago.

Off Shore – East Cape – Not many boats fishing off shore here in the East Cape this past week due to the wind. Most of the boats that did get out did so for half day trips and most of them stayed inside fishing for the Sierra mentioned above. I did hear of a couple of boats that found a few small Bonita and a few small yellow fin Tuna down South in the area of Cabo Pulmo. I also heard of a few marlin being sighted to the North off of Punta Pescadero.

Cabo San Lucas – With the winds here in the East Cape I spent last week fishing on the other side in Cabo San Lucas. I spent a great day with Jeff Croy from New Mexico as we chased marlin off of the light house. The rest of the week I spent aboard a boat owned by Dr. Tony Headly from Scottsdale, Az. Dr. Headly currently owns the IGFA world record for stripe marlin on 4 lb. test as well as the current IGFA world record for Sailfish on 8 lb. test. I was honored when Dr. Headly asked me to spend a few days teasing marlin for him. Dr. Headly and I had a great few days together as we raised double digit numbers of fish each day and Dr. Headly released several each day. The marlin fishing out of Cabo the past few weeks has been outstanding and I hope it continues as I will be there fishing with some of my up coming guests. I will be sure to keep you all informed. Until next time tight lines.