Rooster fish take center stage this week in Baja Mexico

Baja fly fishing update and report for the week of May 21st – 28th 2008

Written by – Jeff deBrown
The Reel Baja

Water Temperature – 67 / 78
Air Temperature – 63 – 88

This is John Rohmer, owner of Arizona fly fishing
with one of may small roosters he caught while fishing with me.
This is Dr. Mark Meno from Jackson Hole Wy. with his first ever Rooster fish.

This is Chris Watts from Scottsdale Az. and his first ever Rooster fish

Here is Gary Smith (fishing with Chris Watts) from
Paradise Valley Az. showing off another first on the fly.

The above photo’s are of Jeff Newman and his wife Jodi from
Eastern Washington displaying their first ever Rooster fish.

Weather – The weather this past week gave us a few curve balls. We started the week with warm temperatures and flat seas. On Sunday(25th) we had a strong breeze from the South/South East that caused some bumpy seas. On Tuesday morning we were back to flat and calm seas and then mother nature decided to throw us a slight curve ball for this time of year providing us with some wind out of the North/North East causing some fairly good sized white caps. The wind has continued from the N/NE for the past couple of days with the mornings starting out flat and the wind picking up in the afternoon. The forecast is for one more day of slight wind from the North and then we should be back to a light breeze and flat seas.

Beach – The beach remains consistent with smaller to medium sized Rooster fish (with a few shots at bigger fish) along with Jack Crevelle and as many Lady fish as one could want. With the afternoon winds from the North we have experienced over the past couple of days these winds have caused a good shore break making the water in some areas off color. The wind is forecast to subside tomorrow afternoon and the water will clear up fast providing us some more great beach fishing action. A note about the beach, we are starting to see some good fishing for Mexican look downs in the arroyo to the north of Los Barrrilles.

Inshore – The inshore fishing this week concentrated on the very nice Bonita we have had in the area over the past couple of weeks along with some very big Jack Crevelle. The Crevelle were found out in front of La Ribera out about a mile. These fish were on average twenty five pounds with a good number of them pushing forty pounds. The schools were quite large and could be spotted very easily by the diving birds.

Off Shore – We continue to see very good numbers of Sail fish and Marlin in the area. These fish are starting to eat once again after a couple of weeks of the fish looking at the offerings provided by anglers but not snapping them up. We continue to see plenty of bait in the water giving the fish plenty to choose from. We also still have some nice Dorado in the area. Most of these fish are on the bigger side and are being found mixed in with the bill fish. I did hear of some Sargasso weed to our North that was holding some very nice fish. With the winds over the past couple of days and if we are lucky we might see some of that Sargasso drift down into our area and with it hopefully an increase in the number of Dorado.

A little of everything

Baja fly fishing update and report for the dates of May 2nd – May 8th 2008

Written by – Jeff deBrown
The Reel Baja

Water Temperature – 67 / 78
Air Temperature – 63 – 88

Weather – The weather this past week gave us a little of everything. We started out the week with calm seas and perfect fishing conditions. On Tuesday we saw slightly overcast skies and a fairly strong wind from the South, Southeast during the afternoon giving us some bumpy seas. On Wednesday (yesterday) the wind had shifted and was blowing out of the North creating very rough seas. This morning as I write this report the wind has died and the seas are back to being flat and inviting and we do not have a cloud in the sky. This is a beautiful time of year to fly fish in Baja.

Beach – The beach continues to be pretty good for those who are out fishing. The bait and the fish have been moving up and down the beaches so finding the bait and the fish was the trick. We still have good numbers of smaller Rooster fish and Jack Crevelle in the area. We also saw a few more Pompano and lady fish along the beaches as well. My friend Conway Bowman and his wife Michelle were here and Michelle caught a very nice Barred Jack out in Rincon yesterday as they were trying to hide from the wind. Over all if you spend some time on the beach you will get your shots it is just a matter of time.

Inshore – After a slower week for Bonita last week the fish bounced back in force and were once again providing some good action. We continue to see some large schools of Jack Crevelle hanging together that are not quite done with the spring spawn. The Crevelle that are done are starting to provide some nice action. We had some good action to the North for some quality size (15 – 30 lbs.) Rooster fish last week. These fish were located in the deeper water just off the beach and erupted when we offered a few sardines to them.

Off Shore – The good numbers of Marlin and Sail fish continued this past week. These fish are spread out all over the bay. We had a good number of fish that were found to our North in the area of the 88. I spent Tuesday with my client John Laurin looking for bill fish. we raised a couple of fish and John was able to present the fly to one and it eagerly took but after a jump and a head shake the fly came loose. John and I will be out their tomorrow trying once again. we have also seen a few Blue Marlin in the area as well. As far as the Dorado we have some very nice fish in the area. These fish have been on the larger size. I heard of an angler that was lucky enough to hook and land a Dorado of 73lbs. Over all the action is steady and with a little of everything in the area you have a good chance to find what ever you are looking for.