Baja Mexico Fly Fishing:First Chubasco Of The Season Fizzles

Baja Mexico fly fishing update and report for June 24th 2009
The Reel Baja


Water temp.  76 – 82
Air temp. 61 – 93


This is Kevin Kynerd from Birmingham Alabama showing off just one of the many Roosterfish he caught during his trip.

img_0566.JPG img_0595.JPG img_0566.JPG
Here are a couple of shots of the Porpoise playing under our boat this past week


Above is Brandon Hill showing off a few fish from the last few days.  Brandon owns Hills discount flies and he was here with Jim Wright pictured below trying out some of the flies they carry.  As you can see they work.



Hello folks,

Well as I sit here and write this report our first storm of the season was a hurricane for a day or so and then a tropical storm and then a depression and now has fallen apart to nothing.  Andras was the name of the storm and it was the first one of the year.  This is quite early for us to be watching a storm but as we all predicted it turned out to be nothing.  We are seeing a few clouds from the system making for sight fishing from the beach a little difficult but we all wanted a little rain out of the system but it looks as if we will have to wait a while longer.  On the fishing front things remain about the same from the last report.  The beach fishing is fairly consistent with some nice Rooster fish and Jacks along the beaches as well as plenty of Lady fish.  We do have a few more fish on the bigger side that have moved in but are being difficult to catch.  On the inshore front the action for Dorado and Pompano as well as some very nice skip jack remains very good.  Some of the Dorado have been very nice size up to forty pounds.  Offshore the bite for Marlin remains fair and we are seeing a few more Tuna but that is still hit and miss.  We have a fair number of larger Dorado that have been caught by the fleet as they are fishing for marlin.  I am off to the beach with my next client so until next time, good fishing.


Baja Mexico Fly Fishing:From The Beach Or Boat The Fish Are Here

 Baja Mexico fly fishing update and report for June 17th, 2009

The Reel Baja


Water temp.  76 – 79
Air temp. 61 – 93







The above photos are of Driss Bennani showing off a couple of the many fish he caught during his trip.  Also a few shots of the many Rooster fish we encountered chasing bait around the boat.

Water temp. 79 – 84
Air temp. 71 – 92

Hello everyone,

Since my last report things for me have been very busy.  I have been on the water each day and tying flies each night so I apologize for being a few days late with this report.  I will be on the water every day for the next couple of weeks so I will  keep you all informed the best I can.

Our weather has been great up until today.  Today we had a little rain in the early morning hours that was welcomed by everyone as it cooled off the temperatures a bit plus it was the first moisture we have seen in quite a long time.  The down side to the rain today was that it brought a hard South wind that lasted most of the day and it is forecast to be a bit breeze tomorrow and then we should get back to normal and this time of year that means hot!

On the fishing front we have seen some good fishing from the beach as well as the boat.  Fishing the beach we continue to see some good fishing for Rooster fish as well as Jack Crevelle and as many Lady fish as one could want.  The Rooster fish have been in the five to fifteen pound class with the occasional big fish blowing up bait.  The Crevelle continue to be in good sized schools cruising the beach and eating flies.  Most of these schools have been in the area of La Ribera and to the South.  These Crevelle have been very good size with the average fish in the twenty pound range.

Inshore we have has some very nice Bonita in front of the hotel.  The Bonita have been anywhere from two to fifteen pounds.  We also are finding good numbers of Dorado fairly close to shore.  These fish have been on the smaller side with most of them being eight to fifteen pounds.  Do not get me wrong mixed in are some very nice Dorado with some of them as big as thirty pounds.  Although sometimes hard to catch on the fly we are seeing some very nice Pompano and Pargo in and around the rocks just in front of the hotel as well as out at Punta Arena.

Offshore the action has been very consistent for some larger Dorado, Marlin, Sailfish and a few Wahoo.  We have seen a few schools of Porpoise and with them a few Tuna.  Most of these tuna have been football size with the average fish around ten to twenty pounds.  Over the next few weeks we hope to see an increase in the Tuna action but we will have to wait and see.  The action for Marlin and Sail fish should really kick into high gear over the next couple of weeks as well.  Until next time.  Good fishing.

Baja Mexico Fly Fishing: June Brings Hot Weather And Hot Fishing

 Baja Mexico fly fishing update and report for June6th, 2009

The Reel Baja


Water temp.  76 – 79
Air temp. 61 – 93

A typical Baja morning.  Ready to go fishing?

Hello everyone,

This is Jeff and I am back to doing the report.  As most of you know I had Justin and Kate staying with me for a few weeks.  Well they had to leave earlier in the week and go back up North and get ready for Alaska.  I really enjoyed having them here and I am looking forward to seeing them again this fall when they return.

On the fishing front things are pretty good.  The inshore and beach fishing are holding up well as we continue to see a lot of Rooster fish and Jack Crevelle along most of the inshore and beaches but I want to warn everyone these fish are getting pretty smart.  These fish have been getting lot’s of attention from both the fly anglers as well as the conventional boats so they are really getting picky.  Our beaches have been very crowded with anglers.  I have witnessed more people than ever before along the beaches this past week.  When you find a spot dig in your heels and if you are patient and make good casts and put the fly where it needs to be success is achievable.

Offshore earlier in the week was so so but over the last couple of days we have seen a good number of dorado in the area as well as a good marlin bite.  We also are starting to see more and more sail fish each day and that is providing some good action.  As far as Tuna we are still waiting on them.  The warm water that just moved in the area should help increase the off shore action and if the action increases outside that will take some of the pressure off the inshore fishery and those already hard to catch Rooster fish might become a little easier to hook.  Until next week.  Get out and go fishing.