Baja Mexico Fly Fishing Report: East Cape Good – Cabo San Lucas Even Better

Baja Mexico fly fishing update and report for December 30th, 2009.
Written by
Jeff deBrown


Water temp. 74 – 77
Air temp. 55- 79


Above are just a couple shots of a spectacular sunset we experienced here in Baja this past week.

Here is Brian Doelle from Chicago.  Brian spent three days with me last week fly fishing out of Cabo San Lucas.  We caught many Sierra (above) as well as Bonita (below) and we had  a blast catching mid sized Rooster fish.


As I write this report from Cabo San Lucas where I am fishing with guests it is pouring down rain.  We normally do not see much rain this time of year but it is welcomed as we need all the moisture we can get here in Southern Baja.  Today, we received right around two and a half inches of rain.  I know that dose not compare to the feet of snow that is falling in many parts of the United States but it was the talk of the town for us today.  Tomorrow we are supposed to be back to the sunshine that Cabo San Lucas is known for.

This past week we saw partly cloudy skies with lows around 51 degrees in the East Cape and in Cabo San Lucas the overnight lows were about ten degrees warmer.  Our day time highs were in the upper 70’s to low 80’s.  It was perfect weather for those that are freezing in the states currently.

On the fishing front I have spent most of the last week in Cabo San Lucas guiding guests.  The fly fishing out of Cabo San Lucas has been very good with the inshore fly fishing taking center stage.  Along the Cabo inshore waters we have been having great success catching Sierra, Bonita, and Rooster fish on the fly, along with the occasional Pompano or Snapper mixed in.  Off shore, the Dorado continue to be in the area although you need to do a little hunting for them.  Once they are found, fly fishing for them is possible.  The stripe Marlin bite has been just ok and not productive enough to keep the fly fishing anglers interest as they have been having fun inshore.   We have been finding good fishing on both the Pacific side as well as the Sea of Cortez side.  We found great action on both sides this past week especially during the early morning hours for the Sierra.  Most of the Sierra have been in the 5 to 6 pound range with a few over ten pounds mixed in.  We have also seen some decent action for Bonita not far off shore.  The Rooster fish have been an afternoon bite and have been in the 5 to 10 pound range with a few larger fish up to 30 pounds showing on the live bait teasers.

Along the beaches of the East Cape the early morning fly fishing for Sierra continues to be productive.  We have seen some wind from the North so most anglers are heading out early trying to get a few hours in before the wind picks up.  We also continue to see a few Rooster fish and Lady fish mixed in as well.  I have a very close friend who was fishing a beach not far from us and he caught a good number of Rooster fish on a clam afternoon.  These fish were not big, averaging 2 to 3 pounds but they were still Roosters.

Offshore along the East Cape we continue to see a few scattered tuna along with a few Dorado and Marlin.  The wind has dictated where the boats have been fishing.  On calm days a few of them have been taking the long ride to the South to fish off the Gordo Banks near San Jose del Cabo. This is a little bit of a gamble this time of year because although the fishing can be great to our South, if the wind dose come up the ride home can be miserable.  For those looking to stay a little closer to home and be a little closer to the margaritas in the hotel if the wind dose come up the fishing just a few miles out front has been providing fairly  steady action keeping most anglers happy.

I will be here in Cabo fishing tomorrow and after we finish up I will head back over to the East Cape.  I will have a couple of days off before I return here to Cabo to fish with my next guests.  During my down time I plan on hitting the beaches near home to see what I can find.  I will be sure to give you all a report.

Until then…..keep fishing!

Baja Mexico Fly Fishing Report: North Wind Blowing Makes Fly Fishing Baja Difficult

Baja Mexico fly fishing update and report for December 18th, 2009.
Written by
Jeff deBrown


Water temp. 72 – 76
Air temp. 65 – 77

Hi folks,

    It’s been a very busy couple of weeks since my last report.  I was in the states for a few days fly fishing for Red fish and after a wonderful trip in New Orleans,  I headed directly back to Baja and straight to Magdelena Bay to finish up my season there.  Last week I spent five great days with Jeff Croy who owns a fly shop in Sante Fe, New Mexico called The Reel Life.  Jeff brought along some clients to fish with me in Mag Bay and we had a nice trip.  We caught some nice Dorado as well as a few Tuna.  We also had some good action for Marlin with Jeff getting a nice fish upwards of about 140lbs.

    I returned home to the East Cape a couple days ago and as I expected, the wind from the North is here and blowing quite strong.  We have had wind for the past three days and the forcast calls for more wind over the next few days.

    On the days that we are able to get out and fish it has been a little difficult but we still have some fish in the area.  Most of the fish are close to shore and most people are fishing for Sierra which are plentiful in the area.  We continue to see a few Jacks and some smaller Roosterfish mixed in with the Sierra.

     The fishing we saw for Tuna and Dorado a couple weeks ago has slowed down and with the wind blowing for the last few days it may cool the water off enough to move any remaining fish out of the area.  We will wait and see. 

    This time of year the season slows down quite a bit here in the East Cape.  Some of the hotels are closed and the ones that do remain open have just a few guests in them and a handful of boats in the water.  This dose not mean the fishing can not be good; it can be very good this time of year, but ironically it all depends on the wind.  If we get a few days where the wind subsides, we should see some good fishing.  Sometimes we do not know what species we will be fishing for on these wintery days but we have so many species in the area we usually find something to pull on the end of our line.

     I will be headed over to Cabo San Lucas just after the first of the year to fish some guests on the Pacific side.  I will be in Cabo San Lucas as well as here in the East Cape this winter fishing between the two.  I will be sure to keep you all informed.

Until then…..keep fishing!



Baja Mexico Fly Fishing Report: East Cape Still Fishing Mag Bay Is Heating Up

Baja Mexico fly fishing update and report for December 3rd, 2009.
Written by
Jeff deBrown

Water temp. 72 – 77
Air temp. 58- 81

Hi Folks,

    It is late in the season here in the East Cape and fishing remains steady.  We have seen an increase in the winds from the North making it difficult to fish on some days.  On the days when we have had calm seas and are able to fish we continue to see good action.  The main action has been for Tuna out in front of La Ribera.  Most of the Tuna have been in the twelve to twenty pound class with some bigger fish up to sixty pounds mixed in.  We have had some good fishing for Marlin and Dorado not only in the same area as the Tuna but through out the bay.  We continue to see Dorado and Marlin from the light house to Punta Pescadero.  We are not seeing huge numbers of Dorado or Marlin but we are seeing enough of them to keep things interesting.

    Closer to shore we have had very good fishing in the early morning hours for Sierra.  They have been in large schools almost anywhere you look for them.  We also have a few smaller Rooster fish and Jack Crevelle mixed in with the Sierra.  Sierra are most active in the early morning hours so I suggest getting out early. 

    I am currently in New Orleans and will be fishing for Red fish over the next four days.  On Monday I will head back to Mexico and straight to Magdelena Bay to meet my next group of anglers.  Magdelena Bay has been fishing very well.  Last week I was with Chris and Mike Watts out of Scottsdale Arizona and we had a great trip. We found great action for Marlin as well as some Dorado and Tuna.  The fishing in Magdelena Bay is heating up and should be very good for my next guests that arrive next Tuesday.  I will be sure to let everyone know how my trip here in New Orleans goes as well as how we do in Magdelena Bay next week. 

Until then…..keep fishing!