Baja Mexico Fly Fishing Report: Mid Summer Action Is Good


Above is Tim Lee from Manhattan Beach, California.  Tim is showing off a spectacular Rooster fish we got from the beach.  I am very glad I could help Tim get this fish.

Matt and his first Rooster fish.  This is just one of many we caught.

Candace and her first Rooster fish.

Matt and a Dorado.

Another great Dorado.

The pictures above are of Matt and Candace Kern.  Matt and Candace spent the entire week with me.  We had many laughs as well as some very good fishing both from the boat as well as the beach. 

 Baja Mexico fly fishing update and report for July 19th – 26th 2010.
Written by
Jeff deBrown

Water temp.
75 – 78 Inshore
79 – 82 Offshore

Air temp.
Low – 74
High – 94

Hi folks,

This past week we had great weather.  We saw temperatures in the mid 90’s for most of the week.  We did wake up on Sunday to some cloudy skies and even some rain.  The rain was not very heavy.  It was just enough to keep the dust down on the streets and cool off the temperature a bit.  By mid day the clouds were gone and we were back to bright and sunny skies.

As some of you know over the past couple of weeks we have seen water that has been cooler than normal for this time of year.  I am happy to report that the California current that was providing us with the cooler water has moved more to the west and our water is warming back up and we are seeing some good results. 

Along the beach and inshore we continue to see decent numbers of fish.  We normally have many schools of smaller to medium sized Rooster fish in our area this time of year.  This year we do not seem to have as many of these schools in our area at the moment.  We do have a few of these schools but they are very scattered and hard to find.  We do however have some very big Rooster fish and Jacks along the beach and inshore.  The key has been getting them to eat.  We have so much bait that some of the fish seem very lazy and non interested in offerings by anglers.  I have even heard of reports of conventional anglers having Rooster fish race into their baits only to have the fish turn away or sometimes pick up the bait, hold it for a few seconds and then drop it.  What I love about fishing these fish is you never know what is going to happen.  Just look at the photos of Tim above.  That fish raced in and inhaled the fly and you see the results.  You just need to get out and fish as you will be rewarded.

Offshore has been the place to be over the past couple of weeks and once again that provided us with the most action.  We still have excellent fishing for Tuna in the area.  Some of the Tuna have been as close as half a mile offshore in the area of Buena Vista all the way out to about 40 miles.  Some of the Tuna have been on a few of the banks but the majority this week were associated with Porpoise.

Fishing for Dorado has picked up.  We are seeing good schools of Dorado from North to South.  The increase in Dorado is due to the water temperatures climbing back up into the low 80’s and that has brought the Dorado back to the area.  Most of the fish have been in small schools of two to six or eight fish in a school.  Most of them have been the perfect size for a fly rod running between eight and twenty pounds.

We also have a very good number of Bill fish in the area.  If you are looking to chase a Marlin or Sail fish on the fly here in the Baja the time is now.  Most of the fish have been fairly close with the best action coming in the afternoons as we see a little chop on the water from the afternoon breeze.

I will be out again this week as I have guests arriving tomorrow.  I will be sure to let you all know how we do.  If you are looking for some great salt water fly fishing here in Baja the time is now.  Give us a call and we will be glad to help you.

Until next time….Keep fishing! 

Baja Mexico Fly Fishing Report: Tuna On The Bite

Here is Russ Heitz with a very nice Skip Jack.

Here is Russ once again with a great Yellow Fin Tuna.

Dan Newton (above) and Ed Machowski (directly above) displaying just a couple of the many Tuna they caught during the week we fished together.

Mike Ward and a little Tuna.

Just one of many Jacks Mike caught while fishing the beach.

A wonderful Dorado!

Mike and his wife showing off a double hook up.

Baja Mexico fly fishing update and report for July 12th 2010.
Written by
Jeff deBrown

Water temp. 76 – 80
Air temp. 74 – 92

Hi Everyone,

    These past couple of weeks the fishing has changed slightly but it is still going strong.    We have experienced overcast skies on most mornings that have kept the mornings very cool and comfortable.  On most days by noon the clouds have given way to bright and sunny skies with a good breeze from the South/Southeast.  These breezes have been quite strong on some days and that has resulted in cooler water moving around the corner and into our area slowing down the fishing slightly.  The first couple of days the cooler water caused very green and off colored water closer to shore.  This pushed the fleet further off shore in search of water that was warmer and blue.  Over the past couple of weeks most of the fishing has been located relatively close to shore within about twenty miles.  This week the fish were found about ten miles further out.  Some of the boats reported good fishing closer to shore late in the week but it was still a long run as the fish were found between here and San Jose off of Meganos Blancos.

As far as fishing, Tuna continue to be the big catch.  The Tuna are scattered throughout the area and most of them are associated with schools of porpoise.  We have had porpoise from very close to shore as far out as fifty miles.  If you find the right school the Tuna have been on the bite.  Most of the Tuna have been between ten and thirty pounds with fish over one hundred pounds being caught.

The fishing for Dorado remains spotty.  We did not see many fish early in the week but by the end of the week a decent school was located to our South providing anglers with decent action.  Our Dorado fishing has been hit or miss so far this season.  Some weeks it seems as if they have arrived and will stay for a while but just as you think that is the case they seem to move out of the area.  We are all hoping to see some more Dorado in the area as the water warms back up. I think we will start to see some excellent fishing for Dorado very soon. 

We have a good number of Bill fish in the area.  Most of them have been very close to shore in the cooler water.  We had a very good bite for Marlin just a mile or so off La Ribera late last week.  Most of the boats are not targeting them as the fishing for Tuna has provided most of the action.  If you want to catch a Bill fish on the fly now is the time to come.  We should continue to see the fishing for Marlin and Sail fish continue to get better as we slide into late July and early August.

Fly fishing for Rooster fish and Jacks off the beach has slowed slightly.  We still have plenty of fish in the area to chase but we also have an awful lot of bait along our beaches.  We have so much bait the fish seem to want to look at the fly but most of them have been refusing the offerings by anglers.  If you like to sight fish and are willing to devote the time and effort and do not get discouraged at fish inspecting but ignoring most offerings get out and fish the beach.  You never know when that fish will take the fly you are offering.

If it is variety you want we have plenty inshore.  I was on the boat with one of my guests last week and we did not leave the area in front of the hotel all day.  We fished in and around the rocks located directly off the beach at the hotel and we had great action the entire day.  We caught Pargo, Pompano, Lady fish, Trigger fish, Cabrilla, Rooster fish and three different types of Jacks as well as a dozen Sierra.  This time of year a lot of people forget about the inshore species that are located in and around the structure. 

This is a great time of year to come and fly fish Baja.  We have good and steady action for multiple species both inshore as well as off shore.  We have great weather this time of year and we are a very easy destionation to get to for most people.  If you want to come down and get in some great salt water fly fishing action, now is the time.

I will be on the water once again the entire upcoming week.  I will be sure to let everyone know how the fishing goes for my new guests.

Until then…keep fishing