Seasons Are Turning.

Hello everyone,
This past week was a little pick and choose your adventure. The reason I say that is we had a couple of really windy days and you had to pick and choose where you went to find fish depending on how much wind you wanted to endure. 

Closer to shore the winds were not as bad as offshore. So those that stayed close to shore were rewarded with some rooster fish and jacks along the shore with some very nice skipjack just a little further out. 
We did get a very good marlin bite for three or four days just in front of town with plenty of action & chases. The fish are close to shore, between a half a mile to three miles off the beach. They were very active with each boat getting three or four on average. These fish have now moved out and the “hot marlin bite” has slowed. There are still marlin in the area and I’m sure the bite will get better. 

Those that were willing to endure a little more wind were rewarded with some good fishing for tuna under porpoise. Most of the schools were between eight and fifteen miles out.  We have started to see some tuna that are not associated with porpoise. The past couple of days we have had great action to the south just past the lighthouse. The tuna are there but a bit picky. They have been wanting chunk squid that is being dead drifted. If you put the time in and are lucky enough to get one you will be rewarded with tuna averaging #40. 

We have also seen a few dorado in the area. This past couple of days we have seen a few singles as well as a couple small schools. The action for dorado should only get better as we are starting to see water temperatures climb a little and there is plenty of bait in the area. 

This week is supposed to be flat and calm with clear skies and lots of sunshine. Fishing should continue to improve. I will be out every day this week of May 28th and I will be sure to report how the action is. I hope everyone gets a chance to get out and go fishing. 

Tight lines,


Spring is Here. Fishing is Picking Up.

Hello everyone,

This past week we have seen some pretty good fishing on the Pacific side out of Cabo San Lucas. We had a little bit of wind on some days but overall the sea conditions have been great. Been seeing a good number of roosterfish along with some jacks in the mix. The Sierra bite is starting to wind down as the water is warming slightly but when you find the schools they have been responsive. We continue to see the marlin bite out of Cabo San Lucas be fairly steady this past week.

Over in the East Cape, the wind has been a factor. But a sit does when the winds pick up here we head to Cabo. Overall there has been some amazing days with no wind here on the East Cape. The Marlin bite in the East Cape was steady but after this wind, we will need to see if it’s still on.

Looking ahead the wind here in the East Cape will start to lessen so we are looking forward to an amazing spring. I will be fishing out of Cabo for a week or so starting tomorrow. I’ll report how the action is.

Until next time get out and go fishing.


Season is picking up.

Hi everyone,
I hope the start to the new year is going well for all of you. As I write this report the air is cool outside with heavy overcast skies and falling rain. This is normal for us as we typically see a couple rainy days this time of year. 
Overall the weather this past week was as expected. We saw mostly sunny skies with medium to heavy winds out of the North on most days here in the East. Out of Cabo, the weather was quite cool in the mornings with overcast skies giving way to sunshine around nine or ten am on most days. The winds were not a factor out of Cabo this last week but we did see some big swells on the Pacific side making fishing close to the beach difficult. 
With the winds in the East Cape there was not many boats out fishing. What little traffic did go out found a few Sierra and small to medium dorado close to shore. Most of the boats were back in early as the wind was up by ten in the morning. 

Out of Cabo San Lucas we found some decent fly fishing for rooster fish. We also found scattered Sierra and a few small jacks. Overall the fishing was a little slower than typical. This should start to turn around in the next few days as we did see more bait as the week progressed. 
Over in Magdalena Bay, this is the time to see the whales. They are showing and will be providing some of the best whale watching on the planet for the next few weeks. This time of year its also a great time to fish the Mangroves in Magdalena Bay.  For January we start to see large snook move in. We have been seeing them in good numbers so far. We have also had good action for snapper and grouper. If you are in the area be sure to take in the whales but don’t forget about the mangroves. 

Typically the months of February and March are very good for fly fishing out of Cabo on the Pacific side. We tend to see the fly fishing for roosters and big jacks pick up as well as a massive  Sierra invasion. We still have some openings and are currently offering a special for this time frame. Give us a call for details.

I hope everyone gets a chance to get out and go fishing soon. Until next time tight lines.