Mexico Fly Fishing Guide

Reel Baja Fishing Locations
The Reel Baja specializes in fly fishing targeting gamefish from three distinctive zones in the Sea of Cortez: the beach, inshore and offshore. In addition to East Cape fly fishing, we also frequently fish the Magdalena Bay and the waters near Cabo San Lucas.

Fly Fishing East Cape
The protected waters of the Sea of Cortez are typically a much calmer nautical experience than fishing the offshore waters of the Pacific or Atlantic oceans.Fishing the Sea of Cortez is still dominated by local family fishermen and adventuresome sportsmen. Both have garnered a certain love and respect for the prized resource and work diligently to protect it. Both local captains and North American anglers have united to practice catch and release to ensure a long and rich resource for many generations to come.The local captains and deck hands utilized by The Reel Baja are instinctual fisherman following the lessons learned from fathers, uncles and grandfathers. Spending time fly fishing on the water with these born and raised fisherman will take you back to a genre reminiscent of a time and place so well captured by the pen of Hemingway and his accounts of time spent on the Sea of Cortez.The real reward of fishing with The Reel Baja in the East Cape region is the opportunity to step back in time, leave the stress and pace behind and to enjoy a rich and unspoiled diverse fishing environment found nowhere else in the world. You will come away from your East Cape fly fishing experience with new appreciation, new skills and a new passion for a unique and beautiful corner of the world.

Fly Fishing Cabo San Lucas
Cabo San Lucas offers world class off shore and inshore fishing opportunities. The golden gate, Jamie and the Gordo’s are just a few of Cabo’s world famous offshore fishing grounds. One of the advantages of fishing the offshore waters of Cabo San Lucas is that we do not have to travel very far offshore to fish these productive fishing grounds. Marlin, dorado and yellowfin tuna are just a few of the fish species that can be caught in the offshore waters of Cabo San Lucas.The inshore waters of Cabo offer spectacular fishing opportunities for sierra, pompano, pargo and a variety of other inshore fish species. Cabo San Lucas, by nature, is different than The East Cape. Cabo is well known for its night life, shopping, high-end resorts and hotels; whereas The East Cape provides a more serene, low key and down-to-earth environment. We do fish and offer guide services in Cabo anytime, but traditionally we tend to fish Cabo during the months of January, Febrauary and March.

Fly Fishing Magdalena Bay
Magdalena Bay is one of the best off shore fishing destination that the world has to offer during the months of November and December for off shore species such as stripe marlin, dorado, yellowfin tuna and wahoo; just to name a few! If you have dreamed about catching a Marlin on the fly, Magdalena Bay is where your dreams will come true.What makes Mag Bay so special and unique? For starters, it is very remote and hard to access. Its global positioning makes it too far and out of range for the majority of Cabo based fishing boats and even the long range boats from the United States consider Mag Bay to be out of range. The ecosystem is simply spectacular and life is abundant. It is not uncommon to see whales, thousands of dolphins, birds dive bombing bait balls, tuna crashing the surface, big dorado surrounding floating structures and countless free swimming marlin.Simply put, Magdalena Bay is bluewater fly fishing paradise. On Magdalena Bay fishing trips, each person can expect to have multiple shots at marlin and a variety of other species. Fishing opportunities also exist inside Magdalena Bay for snook, spotted bay bass, broom tail grouper, corvina, and many other species. Our most popular guided trip options are “live aboard” trips. Staying on the boat gives us a huge advantage as we can find the fish and easily stay on the fish throughout the duration of the trip.There is sometimes an option for daily trips, for those that can not stay onboard. Please see our Mag Bay video to get an idea of this spectacular fishing trip and what Magdalena Bay has to offer. Contact us for more info and pricing on this trip of a lifetime.

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