Its Hot- Fishing Is Steady.

Jeff deBrown


Air temp

Low: 82
High: 95

Week of August 1st, 2018

HOT!!  The weather is hot. Been pretty nice with no storms. One overcast day last week but overall lots of sun and heat. Bring sunscreen.

* Beach – it’s been a little difficult. There are a few fish in and around on the beach, but not many. The ones that are here are big though. My buddy Solis was here for 5 days to hit the beach. He got one nice fish over the 5 days, but it was a beauty. Overall, from the beach, it’s slow but not undoable if you put in the time.

*Offshore – it’s been ok. We have had decent fishing for tuna and dorado mostly to the south. There was a nice school of tuna out with the porpoise but a commercial tuna boat came and wrapped them up.

There are a lot of marlins both blue and striped but they are scattered so you have to go looking. No real concentration in a certain spot. You have a chance just about anywhere.

We have been seeing a few more roosters from the boat in the deeper water over the numbers on the beach. It might be due to water temps as the water inshore is pretty warm at the moment.  But this is just a theory… Defiantly a few more from the boats than the beach so i’d focus on the deeper water.

We do have some dates available so if anyone is interested in coming down please call.  

Tight lines,


Baja Fishing is Hot! The Season is Here.

Jeff DeBrown
The Reel Baja
The season is here. Schools of big jacks on the outside are very exciting right now. The other day we rolled up on a school of 300+ jacks crashing bait. Exciting! We got some action even myself.
Roosters are pretty good right now in the deeper water. Our clients got into some great action over the last few weeks. Not a ton on the beach but a few fish can be seen cruising the shallows looking for bait. In the next weeks, the beach will be ready for action a the water warms.
Most roosters and jacks are starting to get into spawn mode in the next few weeks if you can get down here asap. Marlin is slow overall but there are some reports of anglers finding some marlin in the outside
The tuna bite has slowed over the last week or so compared to a few weeks ago. Just a week ago the tuna bite was wide open. However, we will see them back shortly as the water warms so get down here asap. Jeremy Cameron from flies and fins was here recently and to say Jeremy got a good work out form some awesome fish would be an understatement.  They had an amazing time.
 We will be out on the water again every day this week and I will be sure to let everyone know how the fishing treats us.  I am going to do my very best to keep you all informed at least once a week if not more.  With me being out early and home late sometimes I may miss a call but i will reach out as soon as I can. Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email as I will be happy to give you the up to the minute report.

Until next time……..good fishing.


Spring Fishing is Heating Up.

Hello everyone,

This past week we have seen some pretty good fishing on the Pacific side out of Cabo San Lucas. We have had a little bit of wind on some days but overall the sea conditions have been great. We have been seeing good numbers of roosterfish along with some jacks. The Sierra bite is starting to wind down as the water is warming slightly but when you find the schools they have been responsive. We continue to see a strong marlin bite out of Cabo San Lucas. This marlin action has been very steady the past couple of weeks. It shows no signs of slowing down so it should be another good week for marlin on the fly.

Over in the East Cape the wind has reared its ugly head once again. It has been blowing hard from the North most of the week. It is forecast to settle down over the next couple of days. Once it does we will be able to get back out there and see what’s happening. Before the wind we had good action close to shore for dorado and a few rooster fish. We also were seeing great action for big skip jack tuna and some yellowfin tuna. The Marlin bite in the East Cape was steady but after this wind, we will need to see if it’s still on.

Looking ahead the wind here in the East Cape will be a factor in fishing this week. As I mentioned it is forecast to settle down in a couple days but this time of year that can change. We will just have to wait and see.

On the Pacific side, we should continue to see very good fishing. I will be fishing out of Cabo for a week or so starting tomorrow. I will be sure to report how the action is.

Until next time get out and go fishing.