Winter Season is Red Hot.

Jeff deBrown


Air temp

Low: 62
High: 75

Week of December 5th.

Sorry for the delay in the reports. Its been busy over here with some very happy clients. Scroll through for some pics below.

Mag Bay: Recently we where in Mag Bay for the last few weeks. To say the very least mag Bay is just incredible at the moment. Over the last few weeks we have had some really happy guests fishing with us. The marlin bite is some of the best we have seen in years off Thetis Banks. With the great marlin bite we have lots of tuna and dorado in the mix.  The mangroves are as good as it get right now. Our clients are hooking into some awesome snook, bonefish, grouper, jacks, plus several species of pargos. These species are fantastic on light rods and gave our clients lots of action.



East Cape: The weather has been holding steady recently. On good weather days we are seeing some big cruising roosters with a few small ones to. Since theirs a ton of bait in the area there is some decent fish being caught. The beach is also seeing ladyfish, jack and a few pompano as well. The other day i was walking on the beach with my son when we saw a bait ball getting destroyed by roosters. Only problem was that I didn’t have a rod!

I’ll be around this holiday season so if anyone wants some time on the water in Mag Bay, or Cabo feel free to give us a call. We have a few open dates and ready to do some fishing!

Tight lines,




Spring is Here- Fishing is Heating Up.


Jeff DeBrown
The Reel Baja

Week of April 24th.

Hello folks,

Things here in Baja are starting to get pretty interesting.  We had a few days with strong winds that made things challenging, but for the most part, we have had great days out with clients and got some great fly rod action.

Spring is here and the fish know it’s spring as well.  Along the beach, the activity is starting to pick up with some nice fish on the beach. All along in the area, there is plenty of bait around and we are primed for an amazing season. This past week we had solid action with roosterfish and jacks from the boat in Cabo and there is marlin starting to show up as the water warms up.

We are set to be out on the water over the next few days and I will have a new report up shortly.  If anyone has any questions or would like to know which prime season dates are still open this season give us a call.

Tight lines,


Baja is Near Perfect! Billfish Excellent-Beaches are Solid.

Jeff DeBrown
The Reel Baja

Week of September 1st.

Hi All,

HOT!!  It is in the mid to upper 90’s and beautiful. Looking at things overall  there are no storms in site,  or rain that I can see for the near future. We may have the occasional afternoon rain shower in the mountains, but as far as something to worry about it looks good and we are set for great fishing conditions.

Beach Fishing:


Spent the entire week last week on the beach. There are some very nice fish around but you need to be patient and the shots will come. We saw some decent numbers early in the week but as the week progressed we saw less and less. The last two days have been tough with us only seeing a few fish. As we go into the next full moon we expect this to pick up and see more fish on the beaches.



Seeing some decent action for tuna using chunk squid. These guys have been very tough to get on the fly as it’s hard to “drift” a fly that slow, but it’s doable at times. We are also seeing some decent numbers for small to medium dorado fairly close to shore. The areas around the light house and just past Cabo Pulmo have been the best. There are also some in Buenavista.


We are also seeing some decent fishing for rooster fish using live bait with no hook doing a bait and switch. They are not big fish and not seeing huge numbers but enough to make it fun.


The billfish bite continues to be excellent. It has been a very, very good year here in Baja for billfish. There are some tuna with porpoise if you can find them as well as the occasional bigger dorado.

marlin 2 nov 3

On a side note. I got an email letting me know Mag Bay is fishing extremely well right now for marlin. Lot’s of bait balls with lot’s of marlin on them. It should only get better as the season progresses. There are dorado and wahoo there as well and we’re very excited about getting tied up with them soon.

Tight lines,