Baja fly fishing – you needed to be on the correct side this week

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Jeff DeBrown
The Reel Baja

Hi folks,

This past week has been a good week for fly fishing in Baja as long as you stayed away from the wind.  We have seen very windy conditions on one side and great fly fishing on the other. Here at home on the East Cape side it was nothing but wind, wind, and more wind.  Early in the week you could not find a window where you could get out and fish effectively with a fly. As the week progressed you could get out and fish the early morning hours and about 8:30 A.M. the wind would start to creep up and an hour later you were headed back home due to the blustery conditions. This is what happened to me and a friend of mine I had visiting from Colorado this past week.  We were able to get in a couple morning sessions before the winds drove us back to the house. We found a few fish the short time we were on the water. We found a couple Sierra and on one morning a nice school of small jacks.  Finally yesterday the wind dropped and it was a beautiful day. We were able to get out as it was our last day to try and find a fish together before my buddy had to head home. We found a little more action yesterday. We fished the beach and we were able to find more jacks as well as a couple small rooster fish. We were not able to hook up but it was fun to have them chase the teaser.  As we got in the car to head to the airport this morning it was dead flat and just beautiful.  conditions. With the wind reports showing great conditions for the East Cape over the next couple days he was tempted to change his flight and stay a few extra days but he had to go back to Colorado.

With the wind down for the next few days the fishing should pick up here on the East Cape.  The bite off of La Ribera bank for yellowtail should start to pick up again and the small dorado to the North under the shark floats should hopefully still be there.  I do not think we are done with the wind for the year here in the East Cape but I think we are close.  We should start seeing more nice calm days in a row rather than windy days strung together.  As this starts to happen the fishing should start to gather steam here in the East Cape.

On the Pacific side the fly fishing has been very good. With company in town I was not able to get over there this week but I have been keeping up with the fishing on that side.  It sounds as if there is good fishing for jacks, Sierra, small to medium roosterfish, as well as a few snapper.  The Sierra bite sounds as if it is providing the best action.  The fly fishing for jacks is pretty good but some of the fish are starting to group up are thinking about spawning.  You just need to find the right school and you will have action.   The roosterfish are starting to show and should provide some great fun as well.

I will be back to fishing with guests starting tomorrow.  I have guests both here on the Sea of Cortez side as well as in Cabo this coming week.  I will be sure to let you know how we do and the latest conditions next week.  Stay tuned.



Baja Mexico Fly Fishing is Heating UP!

Jeff deBrown


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Week of May 4th

Hi Folks,

This week has been a little up and down. One day good and the next tough… We had a VERY BIG SWELL here on the East Cape recently from a storm off of South America. It caused tough beach fishing conditions here for a day or two and over on the pacific side it was big enough for the harbor master to close the harbor to small craft for a day. The weather has been nice with partly cloudy skies and temperatures in the mid to high 80’s.

IMG_7646Good Report Photos

We are seeing a few more fish along the beach with them seeming willing to bite one day and not the next. We are also seeing a lot of anglers on the beach so it’s already crowded and will continue to get worse over the next few weeks. The size of the roosters on the beach have varied from small to large and everything in between. I have seen some of them starting to show signs of spawning activity so over the next few weeks that activity is likely to increase. However, I have not seen many jacks yet but I will update as soon as they show up.


October 2

From the boat things have been a little tough as we do not have any sardines in the area. We were able to get some last week by running an hour to the north but they have since moved further north making it too long of a run for us. With the lack of sardines we have been getting a few roosters from the boat by teasing with the live bait (caballito) that has been available. We also have had a few schools of Bonita showing up early in the mornings giving us the opportunity to cast to them while they are up on top.


img_0076.JPGThere has also been a report of some small dorado to our south but the bite is not strong and the fish have been very spread out. After the fishing we had over the last couple of weeks for dorado leaves us wondering where they went? Also, the marlin are starting to return. We can’t wait to get into these guys shortly as the bite has been getting stronger each day and this week should be a good week to get one on the fly.


I will be on the water every day this week from both the beach and the boat. It looks like the overall fishing is getting better and It should be a fun week. I will be sure to post a report of how this week goes shortly.

Tight lines,


Tough Conditions-Still Fishing

Jeff deBrown



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Week of August 25th, 2014

Hi All,

Well, to say the least… the fishing has been very tough recently. Over the weekend we had some rain and wind move in from hurricane Maria, which was offshore from us. While our general area was not affected directly by the hurricane, it did cause some unfavorable conditions which has made fishing hard. In addition to the wind and rain, there’s also been a lack of sardina recently. For the boats that did get some sardine, there were some bonito, small tuna and dorado around. We are looking at conditions improving shortly and when that happens we will be back it, targeting the best areas of the beach, inshore and offshore.

The photos in the post are from some of our recent trips before the weather turned:



On the plus side… we have had some time to focus on exploring a few new spots and we are working on some new packages for the fall/winter season.  As a guide there is nothing better than seeing happy clients and we look forward to fishing with you soon. The weather should be back to normal soon enough, and as soon as the rough weather passes, we will hit the water and report back what we find.

Stay tuned and tight lines.