Reel Baja Testimonials

David Winter
If you have fly fished for trout, salmon, bone fish, permit, and redfish but not rooster fish, you are in for a treat. These amazing fish can accelerate like a Ferrari to attack your fly like nothing I have ever experienced. Once they spot your fly you must strip as fast as possible to prove worthy of their attention. They will then reward you by slamming your fly and then they take off to test the length of your backing.

Jeff DeBrown has developed knowledge of their location and techniques to get their focus on your fly in the beautiful waters off of the southern tip of Baja California. He is also personable and full of lots of good stories about the area. I strongly recommend he and his company Reel Baja.

Dave Maynard
Fishing with Jeff deBrown is great adventure! Jeff really knows fly fishing and has his tackle is set up for battle! Jeff is fantastic at finding fish as well as helping you with your casting, hooking and landing HUGE fish! He is the consummate fly fishing guide and he really loves his job! I highly recommend Jeff for you to experience the Reel Baja!

Dave Maynard
Executive Producer & Host
Fish the Baja

Ron Guerra
Over the course of approximately 16 years, I have used a number of guides around the world to assist in my pursuit of my fly fishing dreams. Guides from varied cultures have helped me chase freshwater and saltwater species on foot, in driftboats, pangas or sportfishers in sun, rain or snow, and armed with anything from a 2-to-14 weight fly rod.

Taking into consideration all of these variables, there are a few key characteristics (listed below) that the great guides, in my opinion, have in common.

  • they know their quarry, its habits and environment because they are on the water every day,
  • they quickly sense when the fish’s patterns change and adjust accordingly
  • they are not afraid to cancel a trip if the elements are not conducive to great fishing
  • they are effective teachers, empowering you to become a self sufficient angler
  • they increase your chances of experiencing a once in a lifetime event
  • they are all tense until their plan materializes
  • they are more excited than you are when it does
  • you want them to be your partner wherever you fly fish
  • as a result they become a lifelong friend

Jeff deBrown, Owner and Chief Guide of The Reel Baja fits this bill. I have spent 6 years now exploring Baja’s waters and sleepy little towns with Jeff on the East Cape and the Pacific up on Magdalena Bay. We have forged great memories (shared quite a few cervezas) in our hunts of striped marlin, yellow fin tuna, dorado, and numerous inshore species on the fly.I can say without hesitation that anytime my fishing plans take me to Baja, Jeff deBrown will be my first call.

Ronald G. Guerra
Mercer Island, WA

Kevin Kynerd
I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you thank you for setting up our trip for this June. I am really looking forward to fishing with you once again. I am bringing a couple of guys who have never fished for Roosters and they are excited. I told them that when it comes to chasing gallos grandes you are el hombre! You always do a great job setting up our accommodations, airport transfers, etc. and I never have to worry about arrangements – once we land in Los Cabos everything is handled. Rancho Leonero and Buena Vista make for a great destination. I have had the privilege of fishing in many different places from The Bahamas to Panama and I can tell you that my time with you on the Sea of Cortez is as good as anything I have experienced. Thank you for everything, my friend.

Birmingham, Alabama

Woody Spruance
February 8th, 2012. Sea of Cortez, Mexico
Three of us left from San Jose del Cabo to fly fish in a small cruiser with guide Jeff deBrown and two boat operators on a cloudy winter day. Some brief showers, lots of humpback whales as we ran up the coast a few miles. Got bait, then joined some other boats above a shelf about a mile offshore. We were immediately into fish. Big strong bonito that put a strain on my 8 wt rod. Several times we were doubled up with fish. I was the odd man out (only two can fish at a time) when the dorados started hitting. Throwing protocol aside, I flipped out a backhand cast off the left side of the boast and in a few seconds I had one of those blue and gold beauties on my line – and then all three of us were hooked up at the same time (a “triple”)! By the end of day, we had landed 20-25 bonitos and 5 dorados. All were released, except for one dorado, who ended up on our dinner table. Louis hooked a tuna, but it broke off. Neither do we count the two seals that took our fish and were on the line briefly! Jeff was terrific – positioning the boat, choosing the flies, instructing us in casting and retrieving, and managing our group “dance” on the fantail when hooked fish, slashing about in all directions, threatened to tangle our lines. All agreed that it was one of our best ever salt water fishing days.

Woody Spruance, Salt Lake City, Utah

Matt Jones 
I’ve been visiting Baja since 2007, and after fishing with Jeff I’ve always gone back to him for all his guiding services. Baja can be tough on your own, so having a guide is ideal. I’m confident when I say that he is the top dog, premier guide in all of Baja. He has extensive knowledge in saltwater fly fishing and ALWAYS puts you on fish. Whether rooster fishing from the beach, or chasing dorado inshore, Jeff is always stoked about the day and his passion for guiding and fly fishing shows. He also has invested relationships with the local boat captains, which cater to fly fisherman – a huge plus! If you are making the trip down, I’d highly recommend that you give him a call.

Thayne Harrison, The Sales Academy Founder | President
If you are a fly fisherman and you have found yourself on unfamiliar waters, you know how absolutely vital it is to find the right guide.

Its extremely rare to find a guide who is as committed to his craft, works as hard, and cares as much as Jeff Debrown @ The Reel Baja does.  Not only is Jeff one of the finest and most innovative anglers I’ve ever been around (I have been lucky enough to fish all over the world and been around some of the world’s best anglers), but he is also just an all around genuinely great guy who is a lot of fun to be around.

Jeff wants all of his clients to have a great experience while fishing with him.  He’ll do everything possible to make sure that happens.  He treats his clients more like good friends than clients.

If you are ever in the Cabo area, do yourself a favor…stay out of the tourist traps….DO NOT trust your hotel concierge to set you up fly fishing, he’ll just send you to whoever is paying him the highest commission that week….get yourself up to the East Cape near Barriles/Buena Vista and ask the locals where you can find “el gringo chaparitto que hace la pesca con cana mosca” or call Jeff directly.  You will be VERY happy you did!